Tuesday, March 31, 2009

ZOEtee's Loves Gweneth Paltrow

Image via nymag.com

New broke out last week that actress Gwyneth Paltrow is coming out with her own clothing line for French premium jersey maker, ZOEtee's.

Now, design sketches have been released.

The seven-look capsule collection called ZOEtee's Loves Gwyneth Paltrow, will include styles suitable for day and night, that WWD calls a "mélange of Seventies glamour, rock inspiration and men’s casual suiting." They will be made with fabrics such as cashmere blends, recycled cotton and wool mesh.

Let's hope this project will be more successful than Gwyneth's gym!

Paul Marrot Editions x Nike Sportswear Skinny Dunk Collection

Image via teenvogue.com

Last summer, my best friend Michael came to visit me from Montreal.

A self-professed sneakerhead, he begins most of our conversations with, "I need new shoes."

While he was here, we scouted tons of shoe stores downtown so he could find the perfect, most exclusive pair of "kicks." He bought three pairs during his stay.

I had never really given sneakers much thought until Michael began introducing me to all the different styles available.

I considered buying a pair, but in the end, realized I just couldn't part with my flats for these bulky shoes.

Now, Nike has come out with "The Nike Skinny Dunk," a new version of their famous Dunk shoe, but tailored to fit girls better. The colourful shoes sport a bunch of different designs (think cherries, butterflies and feathers) created by famous French textile designer Paule Marrot.

Trading in my flats doesn't seem too far-fetched now.

Michael would be proud.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Nastia Liukin for BCBG Max Azria

Images via stylefrizz.com

Olympic gold-medal winning gymnast, Nastia Liukin stars in the Spring Summer 2009 ad Campaign for Max Azria.

Love it!

Carrie's dress goes mainstream

Image via fashionista.com

We all remember Carrie Bradshaw's Vivienne Westwood wedding gown in Sex and the City: The Movie.

The dress was so popular it cost some die-hard SATC fans 30,000 pounds to have the dress made-to-order.

Now, the dress has been re-scaled for the "average" customer into a shorter, more ready-to-wear version through Vivienne's Gold Label. It's going for a cool $9, 875 on Net-a-Porter, and seeing as it's already sold out just proves that SATC fans will do whatever they can to look like Carrie, even in a recession.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Genius idea

Image via shopbop.com

I hate wearing pants, especially jeans.

The struggle to put on my extra-tight skinnies, only for them to stretch out and expose my bottom as the day goes on is just too aggravating for me.

Then came Alexander Wang's collaboration with Superfine.

The three look capsule collection features jeans (available in three different washes) with a top to bottom zipper.

A genius way to incorporate the zipper trend, while ensuring practicality.

I might just have to drop my "no jeans" rule for this one.

The collection (which also includes a slouch skinny and hotpant) is available at Shopbop and at Oak, NYC.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

LG Fashion Week in Toronto!

Hello to my blog readers!

I am really sorry for the lack of updates...I have been busy with schoolwork, along with working at Toronto's own fashion week: LG Fashion Week, beauty by L'Oreal!

It was all worth it though, as I got to meet some very cool people, including supermodel Coco Rocha (yes, I took that photo above!)

To read all about it, click here!

Thanks again for continuing to read my blog!


Monday, March 23, 2009

Leighton and Blake's steamy Rolling Stone shoot

OMFG! Spotted: Two Upper-East Siders sharing some ice cream and licorice. Can't figure out who? Let's just say S and B are getting extra friendly...

For more photos, including some of the full cast, click here.

Nicole Richie goes GaGa

Images via blackbookmag.com

Seems like everyone wants to channel Lady Gaga!

Nicole Richie is the latest celebrity to channel the pop star in BlackBook magazine.

Love the look on her, but there can only be one Gaga!

For more images and the full article, click here.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Matthew Williamson for H&M Preview

Images via racked.com

H&M's next collaboration is with British designer Matthew Williamson.

Known for his love for bright colours, the designer put a shimmery sequined dress, a blue blazer, a graffiti-ed ruffled dress and a silk jumpsuit in his collection.

The line will come out on April 23rd.

Not too sure if I'm crazy for this collection either. Seems like H&M hasn't had a really great collaboration with a designer since Roberto Cavalli...

What do you think of Matthew Williamson for H&M?

Who will win Blair's heart?

Blair and Chuck kissing in a tree...or is it Blair and Nate?

Gossip Girl star Leighton Meester was spotted kissing co-stars Chace Crawford (a.k.a. Nate Archibald) AND Ed Westwick (Chuck Bass)...wearing the same outfit! Not likely for Blair Wardolf to wear the same outfit twice...

For those of you who don't know, Chuck and Nate are best friends, and they both have been romantically involved with Blair...

So does this mean she hooks up with both boys in the same episode?

An inside source told E! Online, "If she was in the same outfit, it was probably to throw off the photogs. But she does kiss both [Nate and Chuck] at some point in the last couple of episodes."

GG producer Josh Schwartz says that the love triangle will be a "big part of the storyline."

"It's graduation, so it's all about what is the future for these characters and the show? Where's everyone going to be next year? Chuck, Blair and Nate are obviously a big story we're telling," he told E!

Who do you think Blair will end up with?

My bets are she'll go back with Nate for a while...but once they break up, Chuck will be there to pick up the pieces!

Vanity Fair revisits West Side Story

Images via vanityfair.com

In honour of West Side Story's first Broadway revival, Vanity Fair has recreated scenes from the 1961 film. Photographed by Mark Seliger, the spread features celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez as Anita, Camille Belle as Maria, Rodrigo Santoro as Bernardo and Ben Barnes (a.k.a. Prince Caspian) as Tony.

Other celebrities in the "Shark" gang include Tropic Thunder actor Brandon T. Jackson and Ladder 49's Jay Hernandez.

The Jets are played by Robert Pattinson, Drake Bell, Ashley Tisdale, Brittany Snow, Chris Evans, and Cam Gigandet.

Click here to view the full feature.

Best Dressed: Mary-Kate Olsen

Image via teenvogue.com

Mary-Kate Olsen in Yves Saint Laurent at the Yves Saint Laurent Hosts the Metropolitan Opera's 125th Anniversary in NYC. It's a nice change from her usual boho look, and I love it!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Louis Vuitton's house bunny

Image via style.com

Easter came early at Louis Vuitton this year.

The fashion house's creative force, Marc Jacobs, sent his models down the runway wearing bunny ears.

Hugh Hefner and his bunnies must be loving it!

More coverage from Paris fashion week to come!

Lady Gaga outdoes herself once again!

Image via dailymail.co.uk

She's had a variety of crazy fashion choices, but this one tops it all off!

Lady GaGa wore this coat made of bubbles at the opening night of her "Fame Ball" tour at the House of Blues in San Diego.


Is Rihanna still a suitable CoverGirl?

Image via Mascara.Page

Even though she was allegedly abused by her boyfriend, Chris Brown, singer and CoverGirl spokesperson Rihanna still went back to him, and is even recording music with him.

Now, the 21-year-old is trying to get out of testifying against Brown in court.

All this less-than-admirable behaviour has gotten beauty company, Revlon, to secretly hire a huge polling company to find out if Rihanna is hurting its competitor, CoverGirl.

The online survey features a CoverGirl mascara commercial. It then questions participants if they know who the person in the commecial is (Rihanna), if they've heard about her in the news lately, and if they feel she is an "appropriate spokesperson" for the product.

Rihanna needs to smarten up and leave Chris Brown before she ruins her own career!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Britney Spears - If U Seek Amy Official Video

Britney Spears's video for "If U Seek Amy" has just been released! The racy video takes place at a house party, filled with scantily clad boys and girls.

I love the red pumps she's wearing, and Britney's "housewife" look!

Check it out below!

Update: The shoes are Christian Louboutin for Phillip Lim S/S 09.

Jonas Brothers to release a clothing line

Image via disneydreaming.com

Along with being extremely popular for their music and of course, their looks, the Jonas Brothers are also known for their fashion sense.

Now, Kevin, Nick and Joe will be adding a full sportswear line for teens to add to their growing franchise of music, film and books.

The line, called Jonas, will be sold in mass retailers such as Wal-Mart, Kmart, Sears and J.C. Penny in time for back-to-school shopping and will retail from $9.99 to $24.99.

The brothers have no input in the design, as the collection is based on their wardrobes in their new Disney Channel show, "Jonas," which will be airing in May.

The preppy line includes argyle sweater vests, woven tops, T-shirts, polo shirts, leggings, denim skirts and jeans.

“The Jonas Brothers are a lifestyle, not just a boy band,” Jane Buckingham, president of market research firm Intelligence Group told WWD. “Their movie lets you into their world, and the clothing line is just another way to do that; it’s a way to get closer to them and their world.”

Check out some of the clothes for the collection below:

Robert Pattinson in GQ

GQ's scored its own interview with a vampire.

heartthrob, Robert Pattinson is the magazine's cover boy for this month.

In the magazine, the 22-year-old reveals that he took Valium before auditioning for the role of Edward Cullen, because he couldn't remember how to do an American accent.

“I took half a Valium and then went into this thing—and all this stuff happened. It was the first time I’ve ever taken Valium...A quarter. A quarter of a Valium. I tried to do it for another audition, and it just completely backfired—I was passing out.”

Click here to read the complete interview, and to view more photos.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Freida Pinto: new fashion icon?

Slumdog Millionaire actress Freida Pinto seems to be establishing herself as a budding fashionista!

The 24-year-old recently walked down Dolce & Gabbana's runway during fashion week in Milan along with A-listers Scarlett Johansson and Eva Mendes.

Now, she's taking Paris by storm.

Wearing a white Chanel cocktail dress adorned by layered chains, the actress stole the spotlight from Kate Moss and Lily Allen, who were seated front row along with Pinto at Chanel's Fall 2009 RTW show.

The Slumdog beauty is already rumoured to be the new spokesperson for beauty brand, Estée Lauder, but I suspect partnerships with top designers will happen very soon.

Spotted: Lily Rhodes

Image via gossipgirlinsider.com

Filming for the new Gossip Girl spin-off is in effect!

Brittany Snow was photographed as a 1980s Lily van der Woodsen (née Rhodes), on Tuesday in Malibu, California.


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Christian Louboutin Limited Edition “Marie Antoinette” shoe

Apparently in a time of recession, people will pay $6,295.00 for ridiculously ugly shoes.

I'm a huge fan of Christian Louboutin, but this limited edition "Marie Antoinette" shoe is definitely not one of his best creations.

To be fair, you're not just paying for the shoes.

The money you'll be spending will also get you a specifically constrcuted box to keep your heels, and an illustrated book explaining how these intricate shoes were created.

Only 36 pairs have been made (in blush pink, ochre yellow and royal blue), and all of them have been claimed.

Unexpected friendships on Gossip Girl?

Image via gossipgirlinsider.com

Even though we've been Gossip Girl deprived (but fret no more, a new episode airs next week!), we've been teased with plenty of spoilers, previews of upcoming episodes.

It has already been revealed that Michelle Trachtenberg will be returning as the conniving Georgina Sparks.

Photos of Georgina and Chuck have emerged, sparking some questions, but now, she also seems to be getting friendly with Blair and Nate.

I wonder what could be bringing these four together!

Any thoughts?

Chris Brown's mystery text message sender revealed!

Image via sugarslam.com

Uh-oh! More drama and controversy for Chris Brown.

The 19-year-old singer reportedly received a three-page text message from his manager, Tina Davis, asking him to hook up later. This text message is the one that triggered the fight between Brown and his girlfriend, Rihanna on Feb. 8.

It is rumoured Davis, who turns 40 this month, was romantically involved with Brown when he was only 16 years old.. Both parties deny this.

The detective's affidavit refers to the text message as being "from a woman who Brown had a previous sexual relationship with."

Chanel goes plastic

According to Karl Lagerfeld, the best way to show off all your covetable accessories is in a plastic Chanel carrier/bag.

You can be the envy of those around you by flaunting your sunglasses, signature scent, favourite lip colour, iPod, and that gorgeous 2.55 bag, all Chanel, of course, and compacted neatly.

To top it all off, your carrier has the signature chain strap to emphasize its Chanel glory.


Chris Brown and Rihanna recording in the studio together

Image via eonline.com

Not only are Chris Brown and Rihanna together romantically, but also professionally.

E! News reported that the two are currently in the studio recording music together.

The pair are working on a duet that Brown is hoping to include on his new album, which will be out later this year.

It was rumoured before that Brown's leaked track, "Electric Guitar" was supposed to feature Rihanna. Perhaps this is what they're working on?

Either way, another bad decision on Rihanna's part.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Dancing with the Stars - Season Eight Premiere!

I must have been living under a rock for the past few days, because I had no idea that the premiere of Dancing with the Stars was tonight!

Luckily, my mom reminded me, and upon watching it, I remembered why we've deemed it one of our favourite shows.

This season has a wide variety of contestants, from a controversial female rapper to an Olympic gold medalist, to a Jackass star and the co-founder of Apple.

Country singer Jewel and Access Hollywood host, Nancy O'Dell were set to compete, however, both of them experienced injuries during rehearsal, and were forced to drop out of the competition.

Last season's reigning champion, Derek Hough, opened the show with partner, Lil' Kim. The rapper revealed that the first time she watched the show was while she was in prison. Isn't it funny how drastically your life can change? She did a decent cha-cha, and definitely has potential, but I don't think she posesses that likeability that some of the other contestants have.

The frontrunner of the premiere was the man known as "the naked guy in Sex and the City: The Movie," Gilles Marini and his partner, Cheryl Burke. The judges adored his sexy, raunchy cha-cha, which left the women in the audience swooning. Although he did quite well, it pains me to think that Cheryl has the chance of winning that mirror-ball trophy for a third time. She always seems to get partners with great potential, except for Wayne Newton, which makes me wonder if this show is somewhat rigged.

Olympian champion, and youngest contestant ever to compete on the show, Shawn Johnson was paired with a former Dancing with the Stars winner, Mark Ballas. In rehearsals, she thought showing emotion would be a problem, but she proved herself wrong in her waltz. Being a gymnast, it's obvious that she would do well in dance, however, she says that it's completely different. Nonetheless, I'm ecstatic that Mark has gotten a good partner, unlike the one he had last season (Kim Kardashian). Johnson was given a score of 27, one below Marini and Burke, although I really think she should have gotten a 28.

Country singer Chuck Wicks also performed a solid waltz with his dancing and real-life partner, Julianne Hough. Obviously, there was great chemistry, and there's no doubt that he will be working extra hard to do well for his girl. He was very graceful, but it was obvious he was terrified of performing. Hopefully he can overcome his fear, and maybe bring Julianne to win for a third time.

Replacing Nancy O'Dell was The Bachelor's Melissa Rycroft. She proved that dancing beautifully, with only 48 hours of practice, and winning the hearts of everyone in America is the best revenge. Only one week after being dumped by her fiance on live television for the one he originally left behind, Rycroft was overwhelmed with emotion, but proved that she has the dancing ability to win the competition. Let's hope that her partner, Tony Dovolani will not fail her as he did with Stacy Keibler in season one.

Former Playmate, Holly Madison took Jewel's place in the competition, but unfortunately, lacked the skill that Rycroft had. She did only have five days of practice with partner Dmitry Chaplin (former contestant on So You Think You Can Dance), but she was very clumsy in her footwork. I hope she stays in the competition, but only to watch Dmitry!

Chaplin's not the only professional originally from So You Think You Can Dance. Newcomer Chelsie Hightower, a top 4 finalist from the FOX program, was partnered with rodeo athlete, (and Jewel's husband), Ty Murray. Although his dancing skills are not nearly as good as his rodeo skills, he put in a lot of effort into his performance.

Lacey Schwimmer is back this season, and is dancing with Jackass's Steve-O. The reality star is currently going through rehab, and I find it absolutely commendable that he is using the show as a way of turning his life around.

Actress Denise Richards, who is also notably infamous for her very ugly divorce from Charlie Sheen performed with Maksim Chmerkovskiy. Chmerkovskiy's impatience caused Richards to experience a little meltdown during rehearsal. Her cha-cha was stiff, and she really just looked like a Barbie who was being pulled around by a real-life Ken.

One of the most memorable performances goes to Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak. The friendly, loveable, self-proclaimed "nerd" was paired with Karina Smirnoff, and although he simply could not dance (he received the worst score of the night), he brought joy and laughter to the dancefloor.

Other celebrities who performed were singer Belinda Carlisle (who reminded me a lot of Lisa-Marie Presley), actor David Alan Grier (who I found kind of creepy..), and the greatest defensive player in the history of the NFL, Lawrence Taylor.

My top picks are Shawn Johnson, Chuck Wicks, and Melissa Rycroft.

Oh, and a notable moment from the show: Newly engaged Karina and Maksim were getting cozy on-camera and received (jokingly?) disgusted looks from Derek Hough.

Karina's ugly side showed as she darted spiteful looks towards Cheryl (who was once romantically linked to Maksim) when host Tom Bergeron announced that Cheryl received the top score, and Karina the worst. If looks could kill, Cheryl would be in her grave by now.

Leighton Meester's Reebok ads!

Leighton Meester's Reebok ads have finally surfaced.

The 22-year-old Gossip Girl actress wears the "Top Down" sneaker by Leighton Meester in black.

Meester launched the shoe at Lady Food Locker Herald Square yesterday in new York City, and the ads will hit billboards and magazines later this year.

Britney's wardrobe malfunction!

Oops! She did it again!

We all know Britney Spears has had her fair share of revealing crotch photos in the past, but I don't think she expected to put it all on display on tour!

Upon completing her "I'm a Slave 4 U" number Sunday night in Tampa, Florida, Britney was lowered underneath the stage for a costume change.

She was heard uttering on her live mic, "My pussy was hanging out!"

It's okay Britney, nothing no one's seen before! Just remember next time to always be careful what you say when you have a microphone!

Check out the video of the incident below!

Drew Barrymore in W Magazine

Images via wmagazine.com

I'm really not a fan of Drew Barrymore's (half the reason I still haven't seen He's Just Not That Into You is because she's in it), but I have to say, she looks absolutely stunning in the April 2009 issue of W magazine.

Sporting Balmain, and her best Kate Moss-impression, Barrymore looks more modelesque than any of her CoverGirl ads.

Click here to read the full cover feature.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Paris Fashion Week: Fall 2009 RTW - Balmain

Christophe Decarnin is truly a genius...but really, we all know that already.

Paris fashion week has begun, and I am already obsessed with some of the collections (especially) Decarnin's Balmain. Since his looks were so gorgeous, I figured he deserved his own post.

Decarnin's sexy rocker-chic looks have put him in the No. 1 spot of the most copied designer in the past two seasons, according to style.com (How many times have you seen this look all over fashion magazines and blogs?)

His short, form-fitting dresses were adorned with Swarovski crystals, his signature peaked-shoulder jackets were paired with harem pants and skinny trousers, rather than last season's acid wash jeans and the same silhouette was also intergreated into his dresses.

Sequined skirts were toned down with drapey white t-shirts, and trains were added to the mini dresses for extra drama.

Can't wait to see how fast-fashion chains will interpret these looks!

Images via style.com

Chris Brown stays mum in court

During his court hearing yesterday in Los Angeles, Chris Brown remained tight-lipped and walked out without entering a plea in the two felony charges against him: assault and making criminal threats.

Speaking only four words to the judge -- "yes," "yes," and "yes ma'am," an "emotionless" Brown did not proclaim his innocence or guilt in the proceeding that took roughly 4 minutes and 20 seconds, and was granted a continuance until April 6th by request.

Reports say that Brown "wants to avoid a trial at all costs because the picture of Rihanna taken one day after the incident -- which has not been seen anywhere publicly -- is unbelievable."

The singer signed a waiver of presence during the proceeding allowing his lawyer to act on his behalf, meaning he won't have to show up to any minor court proceedings before April 6th.

After the judge granted Brown's request to continue the case, he told the singer, "You are not to annoy, harass, molest, threaten or use force or violence against anyone."

Brown also may not "disturb the peace, keep under surveillance or block movements" of her, and must get rid of any guns he may have by surrendering them to police or selling them to a licensed dealer within 24 hours. And he cannot "dissuade or prevent" anybody from attending a hearing or making a report to police.

Under the order, however, he is allowed to contact Rihanna in person or by telephone, as her attorney, Donald Etra, told the judge that "Miss Fenty [Rihanna] does not request [a no-contact] order." Therefore, there are no limitations to how physically close he may be to her.

The only restriction checked on the form is the box reading: "The protected persons may record any prohibited communications made by the restrained person."

The order expires in March 2012.