Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Paul Marrot Editions x Nike Sportswear Skinny Dunk Collection

Image via teenvogue.com

Last summer, my best friend Michael came to visit me from Montreal.

A self-professed sneakerhead, he begins most of our conversations with, "I need new shoes."

While he was here, we scouted tons of shoe stores downtown so he could find the perfect, most exclusive pair of "kicks." He bought three pairs during his stay.

I had never really given sneakers much thought until Michael began introducing me to all the different styles available.

I considered buying a pair, but in the end, realized I just couldn't part with my flats for these bulky shoes.

Now, Nike has come out with "The Nike Skinny Dunk," a new version of their famous Dunk shoe, but tailored to fit girls better. The colourful shoes sport a bunch of different designs (think cherries, butterflies and feathers) created by famous French textile designer Paule Marrot.

Trading in my flats doesn't seem too far-fetched now.

Michael would be proud.

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