Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Spotted: Chuck and Georgina!

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And the rumours of Georgina's return to Gossip Girl begins!

After this photograph of Michelle Trachtenberg and Ed Westwick was taken on location back in February, we're left with a bunch of questions:

Will a romance spark between Chuck and Georgina?
If so, is this a way of getting back at Blair for assisting in shipping Georgie off to reform school?
Or, is Georgina just playing with Chuck? (Look at his facial expression in this picture).
Also, will Georgina try to get Dan back? What will happen to his professor-turned-hookup, Rachel?

Either way, if Chuck and Georgina are together causing trouble, the Queen B needs to watch out!

Trachtenberg will return to GG on April 27, and will be on the last four episodes of Season Two.

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