Friday, May 8, 2009

Gossip Girl spin-off...cancelled?


Seems like the creators of Gossip Girl want to keep Lily van der Woodsen's past, well, in the past!

Reports are circulating that the GG spin-off, Valley Girls, has been cancelled, before even being broadcast, although there has been no official confirmation from the CW.

According to insiders, the show went from hot, to lukewarm, to "fading but wouldn't count out," to now dead.

Next Monday's episode of GG was supposed to be a preview for the spin-off, and will feature Brittany Snow playing the younger version of Lily.

It's kind of a shame that it's been cancelled before anyone even had a chance to see it, but I don't think anything can top the original GG.

Are you disappointed about the supposed cancellation of Valley Girls?

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