Tuesday, May 12, 2009

"Good Girls Go Bad" video preview

Stills of Cobra Starship's latest track, "Good Girls Go Bad" featuring Gossip Girl's Leighton Meester have been leaked!

The concept of the video is that Meester runs an underground speakeasy, while the band is in charge of the above-ground deli that is meant to distract from the club below. In order to gain access to this club, customers must order the correct sandwich.

Originally, the band recorded the song with American Idol judge and co-writer, Kara DioGuardi, but then Cobra Starship decided they wanted to collaborate with Meester.

"I had heard that Leighton was working on a record and I really, really, really wanted to do a song with her, because I'm a big superfan of hers," said frontman Gabe Saporta. He remembered thinking, "['Good Girls'] would be perfect for Leighton because it's already kind of her character in 'Gossip Girl,' like the perfect girl with the bad streak."

Meester immediately liked the track, and told MTV News, "I thought, 'I need to get on that! It totally is my sound too. Really fun to dance to it. Very edgy and cool."

If you haven't already heard "Good Girls Go Bad," click here!

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