Friday, February 13, 2009

Nick and Selena...together no more!

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Nick Jonas is finally publicly talking about his love life, and revealed that he is no longer with Selena Gomez!

Recently on The Insider, a Jonas Brothers fan asked the three heartthrobs if they were dating anyone.

Both Joe and Kevin replied with "no comment," but Nick admitted that he is single.

The brothers also made an appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman, and Letterman was able to get them to open up about their past relationships.

On his ex-girlfriend, Miley Cyrus, Nick said, "We went on tour with Miley. Again, going back to the ups and downs, I think that I was 14, so it's, you know, I was pretty young, so I think you can just consider it a young little relationship."

Poor Selena, I guess she'll be hanging out with Miley and Taylor Swift, two other ex-Jonas love interests, very soon!

I wonder which Disney star Nick will date next?

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