Friday, February 13, 2009

Gossip Girl becomes reality!

Bravo is currently in the works of producing a Manhattan prep school docudrama.

The show is being described as the "real-life Gossip Girl" by insiders, and will follow the lives of New York City private school kids.

However, we all know that GG is filled with lots of sex, drugs and alcohol, and the network is concerned with the problems that would arise when they film these minors partying hard.

Reports are supporting Bravo's fears, reminiscing of the "controversy [that] arose during Laguna Beach when the underage cast members were shown drinking what was presumably alcohol at the house parties featured in the show."

Somehow, it seems like this show will just be an NYC version of Laguna Beach. I mean, do we really need another reality show full of spoiled, messed-up rich kids?

The GG characters are loveable...but I think we might just simply hate their real-life counterparts.

What do you think of a Gossip Girl reality show?

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