Monday, September 21, 2009

True Blood jewellery line

Vampires are so popular right now, it's no wonder everyone's trying to milk the trend while they can.

First it was the Twilight-inspired perfume, then the Jules Smith New Moon jewellery line.

Now, a True Blood jewellery collection is being released.

It's much classier than its predecessors, and includes rings, layered chains, and earrings.
The True Blood Jewelry Collection was inspired by some of the most provocative aspects of the groundbreaking HBO original series "True Blood." With vampires as the inspiration, luminous red rubies and cold steel have fused seamlessly to represent the dark, bloody sensuality that millions of viewers have thirsted for week after week. The True Blood Jewelry Collection has been influenced by many aspects of the infinite lives of vampires: from the blood they drink, to the seductive nature of being 'glamoured'; while a patented fang-like clasp holds many of the pieces together. But this collection isn't just about vampires and evil. After watching the show you will understand that the jewelry was also inspired by their ability to love, the peace they fight for and their hope for a better future.

Prices range from $59 - $1,295.00.

Will you be buying True Blood-inspired jewellery?

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