Monday, June 1, 2009

MTV Movie Awards 2009: The Style Savvy and the Fashionably Challenged

Best Dressed:

Ashley Tisdale - The High School Musical star looked radiant on the red-carpet. She accessorized her outfit perfectly...and those shoes are just to die for!

Vanessa Hudgens - Tisdale's co-star also looked stunning in a floor-length orange gown. Not too crazy about the shoes, but luckily the dress somewhat hides them.

Leighton Meester - The Gossip Girl actress looked gorgeous is this black dress with mesh cut-outs. Again, a different shoe would have made this look pop even more.

Sienna Miller - This is the CORRECT way to sport a sparkly dress (see Audrina Partridge's version below).

Malin Akerman - This actress looked super sexy in a white pantsuit.

Worst Dressed:

Rumer Willis - The spawn of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis was possibly the ultimate worst dressed of the night. The clown-red hair, the mosaic dress, the makeup...just awful.

Miranda Cosgrove - The iCarly star definitely had a "fashion miss" moment. At least she's trying to dress age-appropriately, and not showing too much skin!

Elizabeth Reaser - Oh Elizabeth, why must you wear those disgusting, outdated beige shoes? With the huge success of the Twilight film, you could at least afford to buy a nice pair of Chrisitan Louboutins!

Audrina Partridge - Who needs bright lights? This Hills star's dress is so flashy, it is headache-inducing.

Sacha Baron Cohen as Bruno

Sandra Bullock - The Proposal actress recently filmed a nude scene with co-star Ryan Reynolds. So why the black tights? Show off those legs!

Megan Fox - The normally stunning Transformers actress did not look her best last night. Great shoes, and an okay dress, but the slicked-back hair doesn't work for her.

Miley Cyrus - Is there any surprise that Miley would be part of the Worst Dressed list? The dress is bland, her ponytail seems too casual, and her eye makeup looks too dark for her. The Hannah Montana star even tweeted, "i totally match the background not chill!"

Kristen Stewart - The Twilight actress gets points for trying something different by pairing her dress with the Converse shoes...but with her demeanor, it seems like she just doesn't care.

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