Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Whitney Port's clothing line

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It's official. The cast of The Hills are terrible at designing clothes.

First there was Lauren Conrad with her overpriced, Old Navy-type looks. Then Heidi Montag premiered her trashy collection, Heidiwood. Both the clothes and the pricing were very cheap.

Now, Whitney Port, who is supposedly the most talented of the bunch has come out with her collection, Whitney Eve.

The clothing is being sold at Kitson, the trendy Beverley Hills boutique that once sold Conrad's clothing, but dropped her due to lack of sales.

Although only two pieces are up for sale, they are both very mediocre, and again, overpriced. The dress on the left (shown above) is selling for $345 and the one on the right for $495.

With the economy problems in the States, WHO is going to buy that?

Why aren't people bored of these girls already? And why do celebrities still automatically think that they can all be designers?

Rihanna's collection is the only one I'm looking forward to!

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Mel said...

I do love The Hills for the drama, but I agree that these girls really have no talent whatsoever, and Whitney's line is outrageously expensive! I really hate Lauren's line. Ugh I could buy knit dresses like hers at H&M.