Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Beckham to write a children's book

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Soccer star, model, Mr. Posh Spice, and possibly one of the sexiest men alive, David Beckham wants to add more to his resume!

He is selling stories aimed for seven-year olds about a young group of soccer players.

The book will feature tips, a pull-out tactics board and statistics on the game.

But, the publishers are saying the books will not be written by Beckham.

“The David Beckham Academy is more than just David’s dream of giving children the chance to experience great football coaching, it exists to encourage all aspects of their learning and development. David is particularly pleased that The Academy has inspired a series of books that will bring children to reading through football,” says Beckham's rep.

The first book will be on sale in June 2009.

As long as it has his name, it'll sell!

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