Saturday, October 4, 2008

Paris Fashion Week Spring '09: Chanel

Paris just wouldn't be Paris without Chanel. Its Spring '09 show was probably the one I was most anticipating out of all the Spring '09 shows. Chanel is part of the reason I fell in love with fashion--so classy and timeless.

This collection was true to Chanel's signature style: lots of tweeds, bows, chained accessories, and dresses adorned with camellias.

There were beautiful cocktail dresses that Blair Waldorf would crave, plenty of quilted handbags, as well as leather shopping bags, extravagant headpieces, and even a Chanel guitar.

The collection also featured some menswear, that was very Karl Lagerfeld-esque.

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Mel said...

Lagerfeld is a genius! I wouldn't be surprised if we saw Blair wearing some of those dresses in the spring season!