Saturday, August 2, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance - Top 6

The top six dancers of So You Think You Can Dance gave strong, solid performances this week. They're all so talented, I didn't want any of them to go home! Well, the boys at least.

On Thursday, ballroom dancer, Chelsie and contemporary dancer, Mark were eliminated, leaving Twitch, Joshua, Katee, and Courtney in the final four. Can't wait to see Twitch and Joshua dance together!

Lady GaGa gave an amazing performance. She's so unique and unlike any other singers out there right now, and her futuristic eighties style is killer.

But the highlight of results night was six-year-old break dancer, Lil Demon. He is absolutely adorable, and blew everyone away with his skill.

Check out the video below to see his performance.

Oh and P.S.: I scored tickets to the live tour in October!

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