Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Sneak Peak: Comme des Garcons for H&M

The September issue of W magazine gives us a sneak peak of H&M's latest capsule collection, designed by Comme des Garcons.

Here are some details of the collection, courtesy of

1. No kids' stuff. H&M says, "We wanted something for kids, but she [Rei] didn't feel like it, so we didn't."

2. The line is, "mostly black and with Japanese tomboy airs, the H&M collection includes a range of tailored jackets, many deconstructed, along with cropped pants, baggy shorts and a variety of skirts in stretch wool. On the perkier side are polkadot knits in jersey or merino wool, colorful shirts - some with dots - and a "showpiece" coat-dress decorated here and there with dense Victorian ruffles."

3. There'll also be a unisex perfume with notes of cedar and patchouli.

Not sure if I'll be lining up outside for this collection, but we'll see!

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