Wednesday, August 13, 2008


They've called it quits!

John Mayer and Jennifer Aniston have reportedly broken up.

According to The Mirror, Aniston was dumped by Mayer.

"There's been a bit of tension for some time," says a source close to Mayer. "They initially opted for a break, hoping a trial split might make them stronger. Sadly it doesn't seem to have worked. John took the decision to end things as he felt he just wasn't ready for the level of commitment that Jennifer deserved. Initially, Jennifer was furious when he told her of his decision but now she's simply sad - not to mention a little heartbroken. They have spoken on the phone since the split and are trying to remain on good terms. But unless John has a dramatic change of heart, it's unlikely they'll rekindle their romance."

However, it looks like her heartbreak is going away, as she's been spotted with a new man!

John Mayer's too good for her anyways!

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