Thursday, May 22, 2008

my latest fashion obsession...

a.k.a dhoti pant

This pant has been featured in almost every fashion magazine. It's been deemed a "must-have," but several are skeptical about wearing them.

Being a fashionista, I am aching to try this trend. I spotted a pair back in November in Zara's trf section, but to my dismay, they weren't exactly flattering. I blame the fabric, and the fact that they didn't have this cute little bow like this pair from Topshop.

After hearing about the supposedly fabulous pair at H&M, I finally found them in-store. However, I was extremely disappointed with the cut of the pants. They were too wide in the wrong places, and as they were high-waisted, it looked like the pants were about to swallow me whole. search continues. I'm hoping to find them in black, so I can pair them with cute pumps, and a form-fitting tank, and perhaps a blazer on top. Or, the look I tried at H&M..a plain white t-shirt tucked into the pants.

Wish me luck! :)

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