Thursday, May 22, 2008

American Idol - Season 7 Results

It was the battle of the Davids this week for American Idol Season 7.

David Archuleta, the cute, 17-year-old from Murray, UT, was a fan favourite since day one. He won us over with his brilliant vocals, and especially with his memorable performance of "Imagine."

David Cook, the 25-year-old rocker from Blue Springs, MO was undoubtedly one of the biggest risk-takers ever to appear on the show. His genius renditions of "Billie Jean" and "Always be my Baby," to name a few, proved to America that he was not only a musician, but a true artist.

My bets were on Archuleta, based on the large fan base he seemed to have...but the winner by a shocking 12 million votes was David Cook.

The finale was filled with the famous faces of Hollywood, as well as Idol alumni.

Paula Abdul looked stunning in a bright red gown, Simon Cowell was dressed in the same white shirt and black blazer as the night before, and Randy Jackson had some strange red and white blazer going on, that I'm sure, if worn by any of the contestants, would have been harshly criticized by Simon.

There were notable performances by Carrie Underwood, who looked stunning in a white blazer worn as a dress, Jordin Sparks, who looked not as stunning with an unflattering gold dress, the Jonas Brothers, cute and stylish as always, George Michael wearing his sunglasses at night...and inside!, and Bryan Adams, to name a few.

As always, the contestants had the opportunity to perform with their own idols. Cook chose ZZ Top, a band that I had no idea existed, and whose lead singer reminded me of Cousin IT from The Adams Family. Archuleta chose OneRepublic, and joined Ryan Tedder in singing "Apologize." Archuleta arguably sang better than Tedder.

Overall, a fairly good finale!
Below is the OneRepublic/Archuleta performance.

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