Friday, September 5, 2008

Posh launches new dress collection

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Victoria Beckham has unveiled her new high-end dress collection exclusively to WWD.

says that the collection stays true to Posh Spice's style, and that the looks are tailored to the body. The 10 pieces are made with fabrics such as basket-weave cotton, fine gazar, and georgette silks with touches of Indian embroidery and hand-sewn beading.

“The collection was inspired by the femininity and sophistication of the midcentury silhouette,” says Beckham. “I’ve always been drawn to intricate, seam-detailed designs, as their structure enhances the flattering shape of a woman’s silhouette.”

Beckham also said that the "posture of a woman" and "how she holds herself" led her to incorporate features such as "modern corsetry and grosgrain details."

And in case anyone was worried that only Posh's physique would suit the clothing, she noted that the design enables "women of all sizes" to wear the dresses to create a "magnificant silhouette."

The collection is priced between $600 and $1,400 at wholesale, and will be unveiled during private appointments next week. It will be under her own name and dVb label, liek her jeans and sunglasses collections.

"My clothes are designed for women from a woman’s perspective," says Beckham. “This collection may be new, but it’s been a lifetime in the making for me."

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