Tuesday, July 15, 2008

This just proves she's not as "pure" as she says she is...

Image via telegraph.co.uk

Remember when 15-year-old, Miley Cyrus, a.k.a. Hannah Montana, told Vanity Fair that her favourite TV show is Sex and the City? She, of course, watches a "sanitized" version, but really, how sanitized can Sex and the City get?

She even went as far as comparing Hannah Montana, a popular Disney channel show for tweens, to Sex and the City.

Well now, Cyrus wants to star in a younger, "cleaner" version of the popular HBO show, telling TV Guide, "I like to think of myself as the girl that no one can get, that no one can keep in their hand."

So, is she going to get a guy, and as soon as he wants her, flash her purity ring and her Bible (on her list of seven things she can't live without) and move onto the next??

If the show goes through, hands down, she will be Samantha.

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Anonymous said...

She is a disney skanktress...have you seen her around with Ashley Tisdale shopping ..I swear Ashley is Next to drop the Ho Bomb.