Thursday, July 3, 2008

Listen to This!

My new favourite band at the moment is Crash Parallel.

I have this thing where, I may not really like a song or an artist, until the music is put into context, or if I see a live performance.

That definitely applied to Crash Parallel. I never really paid attention to their song, "World We Know," but after seeing them perform at the OneRepublic concert last month, I started to love them!

Their album, World We Know, is excellent. If you're into Lifehouse, OneRepublic, etc., you'll most likely love them too.

Check out their latest single below, called "Rain Delays"! It's a live performance, but it sounds pretty much exactly the same as the recorded version.

The piano is beautiful, and there's an amazing guitar solo at the end!

What do you think of Crash Parallel?

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