Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Fashionably Challenged: Leighton Meester

Dear Leighton Meester,

Your Gossip Girl character's wardrobe may have inspired young girls and women everywhere, but the outfits that you have been sporting lately have just been all sorts of wrong!

Not that you're always fashionably challenged; that Louis Vuitton number you wore at the Met Ball was kind of out there, but still really cute, and you looked gorgeous at the Emmy Awards with the red lips and the white Bottega Veneta gown.

But then there was the fallopian tube disaster at the American Eagle store opening, and your makeup just was a mess when you wore that black dress with the black bandeau to the same event.

Not to mention your nude bodysuit and black bra ensemble at KISS FM's Jingle Ball, and the leather dress with the cutout sweater underneath at Z100's concert...

But the outfit you wore when you appeared at The Underground is the rotten icing on an already terrible cake.

Lace, underwear as outerwear, and parachute pants may be in, but they should not be paired together at the same time.

Not a good way to start your year!

But don't worry Leighton, there's still time to hire a better stylist!

We know you can do it!

The Chic Spot.

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