Thursday, November 19, 2009

Alicia Keys is launching a jewelry collection

Alicia Keys is dipping her toes into the design pool.

But before you start groaning about yet ANOTHER celebrity trying to get into fashion, give Keys a chance. Her venture actually looks quite promising.

The 12-time Grammy Award-winning songstress is launching a jewelry collection with Canadian jewelry designer Gisèle Theriault.

The collection, called The Barber's Daughter, will be introduced at a temporary shop at Collette Blanchard Gallery on 26 Clinton Street in Lower Manhattan. The store will open only on Monday and Tuesday to generate buzz for the brand’s fall 2010 launch.

The Barber's Daughter is comprised of sterling silver and gemstone pieces, each inscribed with poetry and prayers of Masaru Emoto, the author of “The Hidden Messages in the Water.” The line will retail from $85 to $2,500 and will also be sold on

Keys apparently met Theriault through her bandmembers, who were buying Theriault's pieces backstage at Keys' shows. Having always been interested in designing accessories, Keys was intrigued.

“I fell in love with the individuality of the pieces, but more than that, the words that were written on them really resonated with the songwriter in me,” said Keys. “I knew at that moment for the first time, that through a whole other medium I would be able to spread inspiration and that’s what got me started.”

Her mission is to “give people beautiful, unique pieces with messages that ignite them to find the best within.”

The name of the line was inspired by Theriault’s childhood in the small town of Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.

“A name meant nothing,” said Theriault. “Whose child you were was everything.”

On her partnership with Keys, Theriault said, “When it comes to creating, whatever the medium, around issues of the heart and living a life that aims to give back, we found a beautiful harmony with each other.”

Check out some of the pieces below.

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