Monday, July 13, 2009

Being 20 has never felt so awful...

Lady Gaga's excessive jewellery is a fashion-don't according to MSN

Fashionista reported earlier today that MSN posted an article on "What not to wear beyond your teens."

The list was made up of short jean shorts, midriff-bearing tops, miniskirts, loud hair accessories, oversized handbags, excessive jewellery, low-rise jeans, slogan tees, extreme stilettos, cleavage, sequins and glitter and dramatic patterns.

So, pretty much everything that I love (minus the jeans, cleavage and midriff-bearing tops...unless it's a crop top).

I am 20.

Now obviously this list is flawed in that it is basically saying teens can show off their cleavage and midriffs, but adults cannot. But seriously, asking women to give up their oversized bags and extreme stilettos is just an outrage! Not to mention that I know of very few teenagers who can walk in 6 inch heels.Plus, the fact that I am obsessed with anything sequined at the moment just threw me over the edge.

Maybe these rules don't apply to me as I just barely left my teenagehood. But I bet MSN would consider that being delusional.

Do you think that these fashion choices should be reserved only for teens? Or will you still be rocking your excessive jewellery and miniskirts?

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Courtney said...

I'd rather follow "What Not to Wear"'s advice and continue to wear miniskirts right up until I'm 35. I just turned 20 as well and I know how you feel...I think we still have a good 10 years at least of crazy fashion experimentation left!