Monday, December 1, 2008

Some real Gosssip Girl gossip!

Seems like when Chuck Bass and Vanessa Abrams almost hooked up on Gossip Girl, some real chemistry developed between the two!

Ed Westwick (Chuck) and Jessica Szohr (Vanessa) were spotted at the Dallas airport yesterday with fellow GG castmate, Chace Crawford.

After spending Thanksgiving at Chace's house, the three were waiting at the airport for their flights home.

After Chace departed on an earlier flight, Ed and Jessica were spotted flirting, and even smooching!

"Definitely on the lips," a source told W magazine. "Not a French kiss, but a smooch definitely. They were being very flirty when people were not paying attention."

Looks like real-life isn't that different from life on-screen!

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Mel said...

OMG I read about that, and I was FURIOUS!!! Back off Jessica, ED IS MINE!! Okay not really, but he is so hot!!!