Thursday, April 30, 2009

Ballas Hough Band

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You may be familiar with Mark Ballas and Derek Hough two of the professional dancers (and back-t0-back winners) on Dancing with the Stars.

But did you know the two have their own band called Ballas Hough Band (formerly known as Almost Amy)?

Yes, not only are they amazing dancers, but they are talented musicians too!

Ballas and Hough have been best friends since childhood, with Hough living with Ballas' family in London for ten years to train as a dancer.

The two began playing punk rock and metal music when they were 13, and have been jamming together ever since.

Their debut album BHB has a variety of catchy tracks, a lot of them resembling Maroon 5 (especially the track "Devastated"), that showcase Ballas and Hough's stellar vocals.

"I'd say kind of blues rock with a bit of pop in there, but with funky baselines, and very melodic," Ballas described to Good Day Atlanta of the band's sound.

Check out their music video for their debut single, "Do It For You" below!

You can buy their album BHB here.

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