Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Karl Lagerfeld to design for Macy's

Good news for Karl Lagerfeld fans!
Rumours are floating that the designer will be creating a mass collection for Macy's, which will include everything from jeans to party dresses. The line is also expected to include a "major online component."

Fashion insiders were first speculating about what Lagerfeld was up to when he announced that he would not be showing his signature collection during Paris Fashion Week, and instead had a fast fashion line in the works.

“I wanted this for a long time,” Lagerfeld told WWD in September. “I prefer to work in another way. I can’t compete with Chanel. I don’t want to be the poor child of myself. This has been my vision for years.”

He previously teamed up with H&M in 2004 to create a men's and women's collection.

Lagerfeld will be the third designer in a series to do a diffusion line for Macy's. The collection is expected to hit stores in fall 2011. 

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Panty Buns said...

That's unfortunate if what I've read about Karl Lagerfeld is true - that he's a misogynist who not only is a promoter of bulimia, but detests feminists and thinks all feminists are ugly. I like shopping at Macy's, but if they are going to team up with a designer, how about choosing someone like Rebecca Szymczak or another woman-friendly designer instead?