Friday, January 16, 2009

Gossip Girl spin-off confirmed!

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Are you ready for more GG?

After denying earlier reports, the producers of the hit TV show have now confirmed that yes, there will be a spin-off of Gossip Girl that will focus on a younger Lily van der Woodsen in Hollywood in the '80s.

The spin-off will begin with Lily and her outcast sister moving to the San Fernando Valley after an argument with her parents. Leaving her world of luxury behind for a place she once made fun of, she embarks in an adventure in Hollywood, where surely, she'll be getting into a bunch of trouble, and of course, meet Rufus, and become impregnated.

Gossip Girl creators/executive producers, Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage selected their characters, timeframe, and location because they "didn't want to upset the chemistry of [their] cast - all of whom are crucial to the show. Nor did [they] want to dilute New York City as a character."

Seems like a way to milk their success even more to me!

Will you watch the spin-off?

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Mel said...

I probably will, even though I'm really annoyed by Rufus and Lily. I wonder if the clothes will be fantastic...