Friday, June 13, 2008

Spotted: OneRepublic at the Koolhaus

Last Sunday, I had the opportunity to see OneRepublic live in concert at the Koolhaus in Toronto. The concert was originally supposed to be on May 8th, but was cancelled due to lead singer Ryan Tedder losing his voice the day before.

Thanks to a couple of friends who arrived there early, I managed to snag second row (standing) at the concert.

Crash Parallel (the band who sings "World We Know") was the first band to play. The lead singer, Tim Edwards was great with the audience, and they performed very well.

The next band to play was The Midway State. Their reaction from the audience was not as great as Crash Parallel's, as most people found them and their music to be quite bizarre.

But the best performances of the night would have to go to the headlining band, OneRepublic. Ryan Tedder showcased his amazing vocals (trust me, he sounds MUCH better in person than he does on TV). Even though he was on crutches, he managed to walk around the centre of the stage and wow the audience with his impressive runs, skillful piano playing, and good looks of course.

Another band member who was an audience favourite was cello and bass player, Brent Kutzle. His cello solos were well-received by the audience. Kudos also goes to Zach Filkins, guitarist and background vocals. He showcased some amazing talent as well.

Overall, amazing concert!

Check out OneRepublic's myspace here.

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