Thursday, June 5, 2008

Lauren Conrad, fashion designer?

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I'm not going to lie, I highly dislike Lauren Conrad, and I have no shame in being very vocal about my opinion of her. I find her to be very unintelligent and trashy, and I feel that she definitely did NOT deserve that internship at Teen Vogue (Re: her interview: "Do you write?" Lauren: "Write? Uhh...I like writing.") After watching the entire first season and a bit of the second season, I decided to boycott The Hills altogether because I couldn't stand her stupidity, I've even boycotted Teen Vogue (my favourite magazine back in the day) for selling out, and hiring a useless girl to gain exposure.

When I first heard that Lauren was coming out with a fashion line, I literally laughed out loud. Her sense of style in Laguna Beach was hardly stylish, and although it has improved, I still don't find her entirely knowledgeable about fashion, yet alone having that creative genius to design a line. Surely enough, the reviews for her line were righteously terrible.

Now, Lauren has come up with her latest summer collection called "Butterfly." As always, the clothing is highly overpriced (the above dress is $155), and looks like it could be from Old Navy. Now, I'm not saying that I don't like Old Navy, but Lauren's collection is definitely not worth it for the price. Her designs are not innovative at all, and the line's main purpose is to sell her name.

Mandy Moore, on the other hand, has surprised me. Her clothing line Mblem, has received awards from the fashion industry, and I really do love some of her designs. I never expected Mandy Moore to create a fashion line, as I have never viewed her as a fashion icon, but I will definitely be checking out her style more often.

Check out Lauren Conrad's latest collection here, and Mandy Moore's line here.

Whose designs do YOU like better?

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