Friday, June 17, 2011

WATCH: Lady Gaga - Edge of Glory (Official Video)

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Panty Buns said...

Love Lady Gaga's new music video "Edge of Glory" and will save it to a playlist on my YouTube Channel.

I love both Madonna and Gaga for many of the same reasons. Love the fishnet stockings and garters but kind of wish her briefs had been a contrasting colour. Her makeup is beautiful.

I wonder how they kept the streets so clear for tis video shoot? It's beautiful. Loved how it ended with her sitting briefly in the window in her panties - I've did that a couple brief times in Manhattan long ago - love it - never went out on the fire escapes or out on the street that way though (not in Manhattan anyway). Wish I still had the body and the nerve.

The music is great. and the settings and lighting are, well, it almost makes me feel like I'm there. I'm sure it will sell a lot of copies and get millions of hits on YouTube.