Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Converse plays Santa Claus

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This is a pretty brilliant marketing ploy.

Converse, the famous brand of sneakers, has gone all out for the holidays, offering to help you with your Christmas shopping.

On their website, you can choose "Sneaky Santa" or "Obvious Santa" to either find out what your friends and family want for Christmas, or to let them know which sneakers are your fav.

If you're sneaky, you can pick three gifts that you think your friend, family member, boyfriend/girlfriend, etc. might like, and send them an anonymous e-mail asking them to chose their fav. You'll then get an e-mail back with their answer, and you can just click and buy!

If you're obvious, you can pick three gifts that you really want, and e-mail them off to those people who are bound to buy you gifts.

To top it all off, for every e-mail you ask Converse to send, you'll be entered to win a $75 gift card.

I'm thinking this year I'll be obvious...those blue sequined sneakers are divine!

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